Award Details:

Dr. Law's commitment to mentoring led to the establishment of Douglas J Law Award in 2013.

The Douglas J Law award is presented annually at the Spring graduation ceremony to one undergraduate and one graduate student who exemplify dedication to teaching and helping undergraduate students during his/her time at UMKC.

Thus, the DJL Fund committee would like to invite UMKC undergraduates, graduate students and faculty to nominate:

  1. An undergraduate who has been an exceptional SI or peer tutor or served as an academic mentor in any respect. The nominee should be a Biology major who will be graduating in Spring 2017 or graduated in Winter 2016 or Summer 2016. Nominations for students who meet the biology major criteria but are not yet eligible to graduate will be kept and considered in future years.
  2. A biology graduate student who has been an exceptional TA. The TA need not be graduating in the current year.

Nomination Deadline: Feb 17, 2017

* Name of the person you are nominating:
* How do you know the nominee:
* Why do you think this student exemplifies dedication to teaching/mentoring fellow students:

Nominations will be kept confidential, but we may contact you for more information. For example, we may request a quote to help us in writing the award statement.

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* Class status/job title
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