Ph.D. Kansas State University

Aaron Reed
   016 BSB
Research Areas

I study population dynamics and life-history evolution using small mammals (e.g., mice and voles) as model species. My collaborators and I have been studying populations of rodents north of Lawrence Kansas continuously since 1973. We use these data to measure the variability of the populations of 5 species (the cotton rat, prairie vole, deer mouse, white-footed mouse and western harvest mouse) and estimate demographic parameters. We currently are using these estimates to model the response of these species to climate change. The second focus of my research is how changes in vital rates (e.g., survival) affect populations and how evolution has acted to optimize the vital rates that have the most effect on a population.

Selected Publications

Reed AW, Slade, NA (2012). Buffering and plasticity in vital rates of oldfield rodents. J. Anim. Ecol. 81:953-959.

Alexander HM, Slade NA, Kettle WD, Pittman GL, Reed AW. (2009). Detection, survival rates, and dynamics of a cryptic plant, Asclepias meadii: applications of mark-recapture models to long-term monitoring studies. J Ecol  97:267-276.

Reed AW, Kaufman GA, Sandercock BK. (2007). Demographic response of a grassland rodent to environmental variability. J Mammal  88:982-988.

Reed AW, Kaufman GA, Kaufman DW. (2006). Differential responses of functional groups explains species richness-productivity relationship for small mammals along a desert-grassland continuum. J Mammal 87:777-783.