The Division of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

The division of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (MBB) is responsible for a wide range of research and teaching activity.

Faculty members attract competitive research support from a variety of extramural federal and private sources. Additionally, their professional activity has included service on numerous editorial and research review panels. Members of the division supervise the proteomics and genomics core facilities. Faculty research interests include: bioinformatics; calcium signaling; circadian rhythm; comparative genomics; cytoskeletal proteins; developmental biology; genetics; heme transport; mechanisms of enzyme regulation and catalysis; molecular recognition; post-translational protein modification; protein engineering; protein structure/function correlations; regulation of protein expression; ribosome structure and function.

Teaching activity includes a broad variety of lecture and lab courses, as well as supervised student research activity. These courses are offered at the undergraduate, professional school, and graduate school levels. Postdoctoral scientist training is also offered by members of the graduate school faculty.

The offices of the MBB Administrative Staff and Division Head are located on the fifth floor of the Biological Sciences Building (Rooms 503-505 BSB). All enquiries regarding MBB programs, personnel, and related teaching and research operations should be directed to the Division Office (816-235-2235). The head of the Molecular Biology & Biochemistry division is Professor Anthony Persechini.