SBS Seminars
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Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title Host
08/25/2016 Scott Duncan Children's Mercy Hospital Neuroprotective Cellular Responses Against Adverse Stimuli Koulen
09/01/2016 Karl Kador Trinity College, Dublin Tissue Engineering the Inner Neural Retina Koulen
09/15/2016 Agnes Rimando US Department of Agriculture Effect of pterostilbene, a blueberry constituent, on memory and metabolic syndrome Yu
09/22/2016 Paula Nichols UMKC School of Medicine Bouyain/Koulen
09/29/2016 Kim McNeley UMKC - Assoc. Vice Provost Welchert
10/06/2016 David Davido University of Kansas To be lytic or not to be lytic: a question of HSV-1-host interactions Read
10/13/2016 Stuart McDonald University of Kansas Genomewide dissection of natural variation in sleep and drug resistance in flies Bouyain
10/20/2016 Tatjana Piotrowski Stowers Institute for Medical Research Cell communication during zebrafish sensory organ development and regeneration Yao
10/27/2016 Shae Padrick Drexel University College of Medicine The Mechanism of Actin Nucleation by the Arp2/3 Complex Yao
11/03/2016 Eduardo Rosa-Molinar University of Kansas The Single Synapse Archetype Gogol
11/10/2016 No seminar
11/17/2016 Anna Selmecki Creighton University Medical School The impact of polyploidy and aneuploidy on adaptation White
12/01/2016 No seminar
12/08/2016 No seminar
01/17/2017 Stephen Von Stetina Harvard University Engineering Morphogenesis: Timing is Everything Menees
01/19/2017 Tobias Franks Salk Institute Noncanonical roles of nuclear pore proteins in transcriptional regulation Menees
01/24/2017 Hillary McGraw Oregon Health & Science University Wnt signaling relates collective cell migration during organogenesis Menees
01/26/2017 Nicholas Butzin Virginia Tech A synthetic biology approach to understanding how cells cope with fluctuating environments and enzymatic bottlenecks Menees
01/31/2017 Ucheor Choi Stanford University Single molecule fluorescence reveals dynamic structures of synaptic protein assemblies Menees
02/02/2017 Jennifer Bestman College of Charleston Plasticity in visual system development Menees
02/07/2017 Jianbin Wang University of Colorado School of Medicine Programmed DNA Elimination - An Extreme Mechanism of Gene Regulation Menees
02/09/2017 Derek Prosser Johns Hopkins Vesicular Transport in Health and Disease: Finding Detours Around Traffic Jams Menees
02/14/2017 Stephane Dissel Washington University in St. Louis Neuronal circuits underlying the relationship between sleep and memory/plasticity Menees
02/16/2017 Christina Cota Swarthmore College Mitotic progression drives differential heart progenitor induction in Ciona Menees
02/23/2017 Shizhen Wang Washington University in St. Louis 'Deciphering the structure and function of ion channels using single molecule approaches Menees
03/09/2017 John Lippolis National Animal Disease Center Dairy Cattle Health and Food Safety: Determining interactions between pathogens and the immune system Keightley
03/16/2017 Bridget Lear University of Iowa Regulation of daily behavioral patterns by clock networks and environmental input Price
03/23/2017 NO SEMINAR
04/06/2017 Jessie Zhang University of Texas - Austin Deciphering the code of eukaryotic transcription: the post-translational modification on RNA polymerase II Robertus
04/20/2017 SBS Alumni Award Recipient RESERVED

Seminar Archives

2016 - 2015

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
05/05/2016 Mohan Gupta Iowa State University Ensuring genomic stability in mitosis: tension and attachment defects at kinetochores activate the spindle assembly checkpoint via distinct pathways Tej Kandola
04/28/2016 Bill Dentler University of Kansas The ciliary tip compartment: Roles in ciliary length and membrane shedding Gogol
04/21/2016 Alumni of the Year White
04/14/2016 NO SEMINAR
04/07/2016 Yasuyoshi Ueki UMKC School of Dentistry SH3BP2: A novel regulator of inflammation and bone resorption ~ Lessons from Cherubism study~ Bouyain
03/24/2016 Xiao Heng University of Missouri - Columbia Structural Studies of RNA switches in RNA viruses Laity
03/17/2016 Randal Halfmann Stower's Institute for Medical Research The Social Lives of Prions Tej Kandola
03/10/2016 Tina Tootle University of Iowa Prostaglandin signaling – following the biology from the cytoskeleton to the nucleus Dobens
03/03/2016 Audrey Lamb University of Kansas Pyochelin biosynthesis: the enzymes from A to G Laity
02/25/2016 NO SEMINAR
02/18/2016 NO SEMINAR
02/11/2016 Eric Deeds University of Kansas The evolution of crosstalk in signaling networks Persechini
02/04/2016 Karen Litwa Building the Brain's Connections: Actomyosin Regulation in Neuronal Development Yoder
02/02/2016 Ming Li Cornell University Trafficking and Turnover of Lysosomal Membrane Proteins Yoder
01/28/2016 Fred Horndli University of Utah The Machinery of Memory: Motors, Transport and Plasticity Yoder
01/25/2016 Tyisha Williams Trinity University The Understanding of the Role of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in the Nervous System Yoder
01/21/2016 Morgan Sammons University of Pennsylvania Genomics of cis-regulation in the p53 tumor suppressor network Yoder
01/19/2016 James Nichols University of Oregon Craniofacial Cell Fate Variability: The Intersection of Genetics and Epigenetics Yoder
12/10/2015 Michael Hughes University of Missouri - St. Louis Gene Expression Atlases as a Tool to Understand Circadian Clocks and Skeletal Muscle Function Price
12/03/2015 Stone Chen Iowa State University The WAVE Regulatory Complex Links Diverse Receptors to the Actin Cytoskeleton Yao
11/19/2015 NO SEMINAR
11/12/2015 Harlen Hays and Tina McKaig Cerner Electronic Medical Records in Research: Trends in analytics and data Persechini
11/05/2015 Joanna Slusky University of Kansas Charge Asymmetry in Outer Membrane Proteins White
10/29/2015 Aimee Dunlap University of Missouri - St. Louis Patterns of change in the evolution of animal information use: experiments with flies and bees White
10/22/2015 Bret Freudenthal University of Kansas Medical Center Clarity through resolution: Snapshots of DNA damage processing Yoder
10/15/2015 NO SEMINAR
10/08/2015 Elizabeth King University of Missouri - Columbia Coordinating nutrition and energy allocation: Mechanisms and evolution Dobens
10/01/2015 Josephine Chandler University of Kansas Making Friends to Make War: Quorum Sensing, Cooperation & Interbacterial Competition White
09/24/2015 Han Dai GlaxoSmithKline Structural basis of pharmacological modulation of SIRT1 Yao
09/17/2015 Jeff Bose University of Kansas Medical Center The Fatty Acid Kinase of Staphylococcus aureus controls virulence White
09/10/2015 Brian Geisbrecht Kansas State University Innate Immune Evasion by Staphylococcus aureus: Diverse Targets, Recurring Themes Bouyain
09/03/2015 Moriah Beck Wichita State University Palladin: Have Actin Will Travel Bouyain
08/27/2015 Russ Swerdlow University of Kansas Medical Center Mitochondria in Alzheimer’s Disease Smith

2015 - 2014

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
04/30/2015 Liskin Swint-Kruse University of Kansas Medical Center Rheostats and Toggle Switches for Modulating Protein Function Yao
04/23/2015 John White MRI Global Applied Research for the Development of Cancer Chemopreventive Agents Dean White
04/16/2015 Saverio Gentile Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Stimulation of potassium channels in cancer cells: a tool to reprogram immortality Kaja/Laity
04/09/2015 Jason McLellan Dartmouth College Structure-based design of a vaccine antigen for respiratory syncytial virus Bouyain
04/02/2015 Health Sciences Research Summit - NO SEMINAR
03/26/2015 Spring Break - NO SEMINAR
03/19/2015 No seminar scheduled
03/12/2015 Catherine Musselman University of Iowa NMR spectroscopy studies of the readout of histone modifications on the nucleosome Laity
03/05/2015 Tom Menees School of Biological Sciences, UMKC Drug discovery for HIV/AIDS treatments and inhibitors of ALS neurodegeneration: RNA lariat debranching enzyme as a novel drug target Laity
02/26/2015 Joseph Pearson University of North Carolina Finding the many cis-regulatory mechanisms controlling a "simple" expression pattern Yoder
02/24/2015 Jianzhong Yu John Hopkins University, School of Medicine Organ Size Control and Tumorigenesis: From Hippo to Insulin/mTOR Yoder
02/19/2015 Yong-Ick Kim University of California - San Diego Molecular Insights of Jet Lag Yoder
02/12/2015 Patrick Bradshaw University of South Florida Natural therapies for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction in aging and Alzheimer's disease Yoder
02/10/2015 Yulan Xiong John Hopkins University, School of Medicine The Role of LRRK2 in Parkinson's Disease: A New Path to Therapies Yoder
02/05/2015 Len Dobens School of Biological Sciences, UMKC Tribbles is an adaptor protein that regulates cell proliferation and insulin-mediated cell growth Laity
02/03/2015 Sandra Leal University of Southern Mississippi The Midline Transcription Factor: A New Effector of Notch, Insulin, and JNK Signaling Pathways Yoder
01/29/2015 Fabian Preuss University of Wisconsin A Question of Timing: How Disruption of the Circadian System Can Alter Pathology Price
01/22/2015 Ryan Mohan Stowers Institute for Medical Research Analysis of protein complexes provides insights into mechanisms contributing to neurodegenerative disease Yoder
12/11/2014 Dr. Anthony Persechini UMKC Signaling through Calmodulin Networks White
12/04/2014 Faris Farassati University of Kansas Medical School Targeting Cancer Stem Cells White
11/27/2014 Thanksgiving Break
11/20/2014 Mark Johnson UMKC School of Dentistry A Twenty Year Odyssey Down the Wnt/beta-catenin Signaling Pathway in Bone and Beyond Dobens
11/13/2014 No Seminar at 3:45
11/06/2014 Sal Stella UMKC Med School Modulation of neurotransmissions by purines Huang
10/30/2014 Brad Olson Kansas State University Co-option of the RB tumor suppressor pathway to promote multicellularity Bouyain
10/23/2014 Peter Cornish University of Missouri - Columbia Investigation of the dynamics of protein synthesis with single molecule biophysics O'Connor
10/16/2014 Jed Lampe KU Medical Center Production of a Reactive Quinone Methide Metabolite by CYP3A7 Metabolism of Nevirapine Keightley
10/09/2014 Jia Song University of Delaware Functional Analysis of MicroRNA's in Early Development White
10/02/2014 Ted Stahl University of Missouri - Kansas City Benefits Annual Enrollment Seminar White
09/25/2014 Ronald Horst USDA Animal Disease Center The Role of Glycosylation in the Metabolism and Function of Vitamin D Huang
09/18/2014 Gerald Hazelbauer University of Missouri - Columbia Selective Allosteric Coupling in Transmembrane Signaling of Bacterial Chemotaxis Gogol
09/11/2014 Kim McNeley University College, UMKC Using Connect to Issue Early Alerts Plamann, Lynda
09/04/2014 Gerald Wyckoff UMKC School of Biological Sciences An Evolutionary Perspective on Drug Design: Developing Computational Methods to Enhance Small Molecule Discovery Huang
08/28/2014 Saul Honigberg UMKC School of Biological Sciences Cell Differentiation and Communication within Yeast Communities Huang

2014 - 2013

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
05/08/2014 Pamela K. Geyer University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine Deciphering the Regulatory Code of Suppressor of Hairy-Wing: A Multifunctional Transcription Factor Dobens
05/01/2014 Gabriela Perez-Alvarado Southern Illinois University Conformational Preferences for Molecular Recognition in the Adaptor Protein LMO7 Laity
04/24/2014 Cole Haynes Memorial Sloan-Kettering Adaptive Signaling Responses to Mitochondrial Dysfunction and the Mitochondrial UPR White
04/17/2014 Life Sciences Research Day
04/10/2014 No Scheduled Speaker
04/03/2014 William Kinsey Kansas University Medical Center Fertilization Triggers a Calcium-Transient which Activates the PYK2 Kinase in Zebrafish and Mouse Oocytes Persechini
03/27/2014 Brian Haas The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Trinity de novo Transcriptome Assembly Empowers Investigations of Model and Non-model Organisms Chekanova
03/20/2014 Blake Meyers Univ. of Delaware Phased Small RNas in Plants: Novel Roles for Secondary siRNAs Chekanova
03/13/2014 David D. Weis Kansas University - Lawrence Exploring the Role of Backbone Dynamics in Protein Function and Dysfunction using H/D Exchange Mass Spectrometry Keightley
03/06/2014 David Sherman Seattle Biomedical Research Institute The TB Gene Regulatory Network v1.0 White
02/27/2014 Bentley Fane University of Arizona The Ephemeral Intimacy of an Insidious Assignation: Atomic Structure and Function of a novel viral DNA Delivering Device White
02/20/2014 Mike Kinter Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Changes in Mitochondrial Function in the Hearts of Obese Mice: New Directions Based on Quantitative Proteomics Keightley
02/13/2014 Scott Hawley Stowers Institute for Medical Research The Molecular Genetics of Meiosis Yoder
02/06/2014 Kimberly Ann McNeley UMKC-University College Electronic Tools for Faculty Student Engagement & Support Wyckoff
01/30/2014 Shui Qing Ye Children's Mercy Hosptl & Clinics, UMKC Med School Novel Role of Pre-B-cell Colony Enhancing Factor in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Wyckoff
01/23/2014 Kee Jun Kim Kansas University Medical Center Cryptococcus Traversal across the Blood-Brain Barrier Idnurm
12/05/2013 Brandon Gaut UC Irvine Methylation and the Evolution of Plant Genes and Genomes Wang/Chekanova
11/28/2013 Thanksgiving--No Seminar
11/21/2013 John McDowell Virginia Tech How Do Plant Pathogens Survive Inside Hostile Hosts? Chekanova
11/14/2013 Steve Broglio University of Michigan Current concepts in sport concussion Huang
11/07/2013 Jean-Marie Buerstedde Yale Targeting of Somatic Hypermutation by Transcription Factor Binding Sites Price
10/31/2013 Carl Gelhaus MRI Global Testing Tularemia Medical Countermeasures in Non-Human Primates White
10/24/2013 Xiaorong Lin Texas A&M University Morphogenesis, communication and virulence of Cryptococcus Idnurm
10/17/2013 Kathy Barton Carnegie Institution Leveraging basic research on the genetic control of plant development to generate drought tolerance Chekanova
10/10/2013 Luciano DiTacchio Univ. of Kansas Medical Center The Circadian Clock: Mechanisms and interactions with energy metabolism Price
10/03/2013 Sean Yu UMKC School of Biological Sciences Insect Innate Immune Signaling Pathways Yoder
09/26/2013 Michael Washburn Stowers Regulating and Disrupting Nuclear Protein Interaction Networks in Eukaryotic Systems Yao
09/19/2013 Michihisa Umetani Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medial Center Role of cholesterol metabolites in cardiovascular function through estrogen receptors Yao
09/12/2013 Jon Robertus University of Texas, Austin Structure-based Inhibitor Design for the Cytotoxin Ricin Yoder
09/05/2013 Officer Patrick Tedesco UMKC Crime Prevention Officer “Shots Fired” When Lightning Strikes Yoder
08/29/2013 Russell Swerdlow University of Kansas Medical Center Brain Aging, Alzheimer's Disease and Bioenergetic Medicine Huang
08/22/2013 Rachel Bennett Washington University, St. Louis Assessing Axonal Injury in a Mouse Model of Repetitive Concussion Huang

2013 - 2012

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
05/02/2013 Kevin Elicieri Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Computational and Optical Approaches to Multidimensional Live Cell Imaging Erika Geisbrecht
04/25/2013 Paul Sorgen Univ. Nebraska Medical Center Connexin interactions with cytosolic proteins Gogol
04/18/2013 Wolfgang Zueckert University of Kansas Medical Center Borrelia burgdorferi White
04/16/2013 Ryan Huyck, Lee Likins Laity/ Wyckoff
04/11/2013 Orie Shafer Univ. of Michigan Functional Connectivity and Timekeeping Hierarchy in the Circadian Clock Neuron Network of Drosophila Price
04/09/2013 Bridget Biersmith, Roman Nikolaienko Geisbrecht E./Bouyain
04/04/2013 Health Research Day
04/02/2013 Pinkuan Zhu, Nikki Schulta Idnurm/Yao
03/28/2013 Spring Break
03/25/2013 March 25-29, Spring Break
03/21/2013 James Ervasti Univ. of Minnesota Large Recombinant Proteins as Tools to Understand and Treat Muscular Dystrophy Erika Geisbrecht
03/19/2013 Somanon Bhattacharya, Guiseppe Ianiri White/Idnurm
03/14/2013 John Walker UMSL Discovery of a Novel & Selective S1P1 Agonist for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Miziorko
03/13/2013 Stephen F. Kingsmore Children's Mercy Hospital The Thirteenth Task of Hercules: Bringing the Genome Biology to Medicine Dreyfus
03/12/2013 Divya Kamath, Jinwon Lee O'Connor/Chekanova
03/07/2013 Nancy Freitag Univ. of Illinois at Chicago From Soil to Cytosol: The Pathogenic Transition of the Environmental Bacterium Listeria Monocytogenes White
03/05/2013 Munmun Chowdhury, Jessica Kawakami Yu/Bouyain+Geisbrecht E.
02/28/2013 Emily Scott University of Kansas Biochemistry and Structural Biology of Cytochrome P450 17A1: Prostate Cancer Drug Target Laity
02/26/2013 James Addo, Anna Shipman Miziorko/Dobens
02/21/2013 Shui Qing Ye UMKC School of Medicine Novel Role of PBEF in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome White
02/19/2013 Jun Hye Shin, Brooke Esquivel Chekanova/White
02/14/2013 Li-Jun Ma University of Massachusetts Horizontal Gene Transfer and Pathogenicity in Fusarium Chekanova
02/12/2013 Silvia Polaino Orts, Laramie Pence Idnurm/Dobens
02/07/2013 Chris Holman UMKC Patents and Biotechnology: An Overview with an Emphasis on Some Hot Topics White
02/05/2013 Kasra Ramyar, Boadi Agyekum Geisbrecht B/Bouyain
01/31/2013 Takanori Otomo Scripps Research Institute Structure and Function of the ATG12-ATG5 Conjugate required for Autophagosome Formation Yao
01/29/2013 John VanNice, Emma Hayes Miziorko/Read
01/24/2013 Matthew S. Thimgan Missouri Science & Technology The Detection and Prevention of the Consequences of Sleep Deprivation Price
01/23/2013 TBA
01/22/2013 Zong-Heng Wang, Andrew Skaff Geisbrecht E/Miziorko
12/13/2012 Dr. Craig Vander Kooi University of Kentucky Neuropilin Function and Inhibition in VEGF Dependent Angiogenesis Bouyain
12/06/2012 Dr. Nigel Unwin MRC/Scrips Gating movement of acetylcholine receptor caught by plunge-freezing Gogol
12/04/2012 Aric Weist, Xiuzhen Shi McCluskey/Yu
11/29/2012 Alex Moise University of Kansas Structure-function studies of adipose phospholipase A2 Yao
11/27/2012 Xue Zhong, Viplendra Shakya Yu/Idnurm
11/15/2012 Dr. Robert A. Cramer Dartmouth Medical School Oxygen and Human Fungal Pathogenesis: To Air or Not to Air? Idnurm
11/13/2012 Jouliana Sadek/Jinwon Lee Read/Chekanova
11/08/2012 Dr. Kathrin Schrick Kansas State University START lipid/sterol binding domains and a role in homeodomain transcription factors Yao
11/06/2012 Jin Yuan Price, Rahul Das Price/Dobens
11/01/2012 Dr. Nancy Berman KU Med Wound healing in the aged brain Huang
10/30/2012 Scott Foy, Surbhi Verma Wyckoff/Idnurm
10/25/2012 Dr. Matthew Gentry University of Kentucky Glucan phosphatases link neurodegeneration with starch metabolism Bouyain
10/23/2012 Cindy Liu, Michael Grillo Geisbrecht, E/Koulen
10/18/2012 Dr. Kathryn Barton Stanford University Cancelled Chekanova
10/16/2012 Boris Kornilayev, Lee Likins Chekanova/Wyckoff
10/11/2012 Dr. Robert Bender University of Michigan A contrarian view of Metabolism: molecular myths, physiological fallacies and biochemical baloney White
10/09/2012 Brandon Garcia, Karim Pirani Geisbrecht, B/Chekanova
10/04/2012 TBD TBD TBD TBD
10/02/2012 Martin Zavrel, John Means White/Price
09/27/2012 Dr. Julia Chekanova UMKC The role of Arabidopsis exosome complex in silencing of heterochromatic loci. Miziorko
09/20/2012 Dr. Gaya Amarasinghe Washington University Immune evasion and replication mechanisms of filoviral VP35 proteins Yao
09/19/2012 TBA
09/13/2012 Dr. Mike Plamann UMKC Neurospora crassa: A Model System for the Genetic Analysis of the Cytoplasmic Dynein Motor White
09/06/2012 Dr. Alexander Idnurm UMKC DNA mutation as an agent of microevolution that affects microbial pathogenesis White
08/30/2012 Dr. Tom Menees UMKC Slipping a noose around HIV: the curious case of RNA lariats and retroviral replication Yao
08/23/2012 Dr. Kevin McCluskey UMKC Using genetic and genomic data to drive discovery in Neurospora crassa White

2012 - 2011

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
04/26/2012 Dr. Lindsey Hutt-Fletcher LSU Health Sciences Center Epstein-Barr Virus: B Cells, Epithelial Cells and the Cycle of Persistence Menees
04/19/2012 No Seminar: UMKC Health Sciences Research Summit
04/12/2012 Dr. Richard Bennett Brown University Cryptic Sex in Candida Fungal Pathogens Idnurm/White
04/05/2012 Dr. Vytas Bankaitis University of North Carolina Lipid Signaling and the Secret Lives of Lipid Transfer Proteins Yao
03/27/2012 John Means,Boris Kornilayev Price/Chekanova
03/22/2012 Mark Fisher KU Medical Center Structure and Transition Kinetics of the Anthrax Pore Translocon Complex Gogol
03/20/2012 Brooke Esquivel,James Addo White/Miziorko
03/15/2012 Dr. Michal Hammel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Small Angle Scattering (SAS) Combined with Crystallography and Computation: Defining Accurate Structure of DNA Repair Machinery B. Geisbrecht
03/13/2012 Laramie Pence,Jun Hye Shin Dobens/Chekanova
03/08/2012 Dr. Brian Lee Southern Illinois University Solution structure of the binuclear zinc binding domain of cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein Laity
03/06/2012 Silvia Polaino Orts,Vugar Azizov Idnurm/Laity
03/01/2012 Dr. Mei Hong Iowa State University Structure and Mechanisms of Influenza M2 and Antimicrobial Peptides from Solid-State NMR Yao
02/28/2012 Kasra Ramyar,Boadi Agyekum Geisbrecht B./Bouyain
02/23/2012 Dr. Simon H. Friedman UMKC Pharmaceutical Sciences The Creation, Refinement and Application of Light Activated RNA Interference Dreyfus
02/21/2012 John VanNice,Emma Hayes Miziorko/Read
02/16/2012 Dr. Jerry Workman Stowers Institute Protein Complexes that Modify Chromatin Chekanova
02/14/2012 Zong-Heng Wang,Andrew Skaff Geisbrecht E./Miziorko
02/09/2012 Dr. Barry Astroff MRI Global - Life Sciences and Animal Health Life Sciences Programs at MRIGlobal White
02/07/2012 Bridget Biersmith,Roman Nikolaienko Geisbrecht E./Bouyain
02/02/2012 Dr. Denis Medeiros UMKC Looking at heart disease through copper-colored glasses Dreyfus
01/30/2012 Viplendra Shakya,Xiuzhan Shi Idnurm/Yu
01/26/2012 Dr. Phillip Hardwidge KU Medical Center How Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli Evade Host Innate Immunity B. Geisbrecht
01/24/2012 Zhong Xue,Aric Weist Yu/McCluskey
01/19/2012 Dr. Nilofer Qureshi UMKC School of Medicine Story of the Endotoxins White
01/17/2012 Jouliana Sadek,Jinwon Lee Read/Chekanova
01/12/2012 Dr. Soumen Paul KU Medical Center Molecular controls of first mammalian cell-lineage commitment Chekanova
12/13/2011 Christa Montgomery,Rahul Das Miziorko/Dobens
12/08/2011 Dr. Ian Besse UMKC Cardiac caveolae as a source of persistent sodium current: a computational approach Wyckoff
12/06/2011 Surbhi Verma,Jin Yuan Price Idnurm/Price
12/01/2011 Dr. Gene LeSage East Tennessee State University CDC42 is required for intestinal stem cell self-renewal but not differentiation TBD
11/17/2011 Dr. Russell Swerdlow KU Alzheimer's Disease Center Cell Bioenergetics: A Potential Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutic Target? Smith
11/15/2011 Scott Foy,DJ Black Wyckoff/Persechini
11/10/2011 Dr. Reuben Peters Iowa State University To Gibberellins and Beyond: Investigating diterpenoid biosynthesis in plants and pathogens Geisbrecht.B
11/08/2011 Deepali Agarwal,Michael Grillo O'Connor/Koulen
11/03/2011 Dr. Alice Cheung University of Massachusetts, Amherst FERONIA receptor kinase, a multifunctional cell surface regulator for RHO GTPase-mediated cell growth and reproduction in plants Yao
11/01/2011 Lee Likins,Cindy Ze Wyckoff/Geisbrecht E.
10/27/2011 Dr. Robert Rose North Carolina State University Structure and function of a dual-specificity interface of the transcriptional coactivator DCoH Bouyain
10/25/2011 Michael Barta/Karim Pirani Geisbrecht B./Chekanova
10/20/2011 Dr. Michelle Momany University of Georgia Polarity in Aspergillus: Septins and RNA localization Idnurm
10/18/2011 Tarik El Mellouki,Brandon Garcia Chekanova/Geisbrecht B.
10/13/2011 Dr. Kyoungtae Kim Missouri State University Dynamin-like protein Vps 1 in endocytosis and membrane recycling Menees
10/11/2011 Anand Venkatesan,Ryan Huyck Price/Laity
10/06/2011 Dr. Jean-François Côté Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal Regulation of the ELMO/DOCK180 complex: Implications in myoblast fusion and breast cancer metastasis Geisbrecht, E
10/04/2011 Martin Zavrel,Tommy Ding White/Menees
09/29/2011 Dr. Jeff Gorski UMKC SKI-1 (site-1) protease deficiency causes hindlimb paralysis associated with developmental abnormalities of bone, muscle and nerve tissues Smith
09/27/2011 Senthil Sivagurunathan,Ryan Elsenpeter King/Plamann
09/22/2011 Dr. Marc Orbach University of Arizona RIG1, a fungal transcription factor essential for pathogenicity in plant and animal pathogens FGSC
09/15/2011 Dr. Samuel Bouyain SBS, UMKC Protein tyrosine phosphatases and contactins in nervous system development – a structural perspective Miziorko
09/08/2011 Dr. Xuemei Chen UC Riverside PLANT MICRO RNA’S: BIOGENESIS AND FUNCTION Chekanova
09/01/2011 Dr. Gerardo Vasta University of Maryland School of Medicine THE SWEET TOOTH OF INNATE IMMUNITY: THE FIRST BARRIER OR THE TROJAN HORSE? Geisbrecht, B
08/25/2011 Dr. Jed Lampe KU Medical Center Cytochrome P450 protein-ligand interactions revealed through 2D NMR and molecular dynamics simulations Yao

2011 - 2010

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
04/27/2011 Dr. Stephanie Karst University of Florida Elucidating Critical Determinants of Efficacious Norovirus Vaccines Dreyfus
04/26/2011 Yunchao Gai Yu
04/21/2011 Dr. Gerardo Vasta University of Maryland School of Medicine The Sweet Tooth of Innate Immunity: The First Barrier or the Trojan Horse? Geisbrecht, B.
04/19/2011 Xiaoxia Xu, Deepali Agarwall Yu, O'Connor
04/14/2011 Dr. Katsura Asano Kansas State University Mechanism and control of translation initiation in eukaryotes: Perspectives from yeast Menees
04/12/2011 Rahul Das, Viplendra Shakya Dobens, Idnurm
04/07/2011 Dr. Laurel Raftery University of Nevada, Las Vegas BMP Regulation of Epithelial Morphogenesis Dobens
04/05/2011 Jinwon Lee, Xue Zhong Chekanova, Yu
03/29/2011 No Meeting - Spring Break Week
03/24/2011 Dr. Salvatore Stella, Jr. UMKC School of Medicine Feed Forward Gabaergic Signaling from Mammalian Horizontal Cells at the First Synapse in Visual Processing Dreyfus
03/22/2011 Surbhi Verma, Bridet Biersmith Idnurm, Geisbrecht, E.
03/17/2011 Dr. Joan Conaway Stowers Institute for Medical Research A Role for the Mediator of RNA Polymerase II Transcription in Elongation Control Chekanova
03/15/2011 Scott Foy, Mike Grillo Wyckoff, Koulen
03/10/2011 Dr. Amy Andreotti Iowa State University A Molecular View of Tec Kinase Signaling in Immune Cells Yao
03/08/2011 Elizabeth Barrett, Jouliana Sadek Yu, Read
03/03/2011 Dr. Sunita Kramer Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Moving Muscles in Drosophila with Attractive and Repulsive Guidance Signals Geisbrecht, E.
03/01/2011 Karim Pirani, Ze (Cindy) Liu Chekanova, Geisbrecht, E.
02/24/2011 TBD TBD Chekanova
02/22/2011 Jun Hye Shin, Lee Likins Chekanova
02/17/2011 Dr. Michael J. Hendzel University of Alberta Quantitative Single Cell Biochemistry to Study Populations and Population Heterogeneity: Using the Cell as a Test Tube Waterborg
02/15/2011 Christa Montgomery, John Vannice Miziorko
02/10/2011 Dr. Olga Danilevskaya Pioneer Hi-Bred International, A DuPont Company Genetic control of flowering time in maize Chekanova
02/08/2011 Brandon Garcia, Denise Magditch Geisbrecht, B., Idnurm
02/03/2011 Dr. N. Louise Glass UC - Berkeley Fungal Social Media: Talking and Signaling to Form an Interconnected Network McCluskey
02/01/2011 Xianjun Rao, Jinwon Lee Yu, Chekanova
01/27/2011 Ravi Palanivelu University of Arizona Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Pollen-Pistil Interactions in Arabidopsis Chekanova
01/25/2011 Anandakrishnan Venkatesan, Silvia Polaino Price, Idnurm
01/20/2011 Seminar cancelled due to weather
01/18/2011 Mike Barta, Hsaio-Lin Wang Geisbrecht, B., Chekanova
01/13/2011 Dr. Philippe Georgel Marshall University MeCP2 and Epigenetics: More than just DNA Methylation Waterborg

2010 - 2009

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title Host
04/28/2010 Reserved for Scheduling Conflicts
04/21/2010 Kenny Bauman, Deepali Agarwal Geisbrecht, E., O'Connor
04/13/2010 Junhye Shin, Brandon Dinwiddie Chekanova
04/07/2010 Bill Gates My Test Seminar
04/06/2010 Jessica Kawakami, Hsaio-Linn Wang Chekanova
03/30/2010 No Meeting - Spring Break Week
03/23/2010 Jinwon Lee, Xue Zhong Chekanova, Yu
03/16/2010 Surbhi Verma, Karim Pirani Idnurm, Chekanova
03/09/2010 Scott Foy, Mike Grillo Wyckoff, Koulen
03/02/2010 Ellie Barrett, Jouliana Sadek Yu, Read
02/23/2010 Christa Johnson, Cindy Liu Miziorko, Geisbrecht, E.
02/16/2010 Ryan Huyck, Xiuzhen Shi Laity, Yu
02/09/2010 Ryan Elsenpeter, Xiangjun Rao Plamann, M., Yu
02/02/2010 Brandon Garcia, Tommy Ding Geisbrecht, B., Menees
12/07/2010 Finals Week
12/02/2010 Prof. Madeline Shea University of Iowa - Iowa City Molecular Remodeling by Calmodulin: Balancing Bending and Binding Persechini
11/30/2010 Ryan Huyck, Andrew Skaff Laity, Miziorko
11/18/2010 Prof. Dan Leahy Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Structural Basis for EGFR/ErbB Signaling and ErbB-targeted Cancer Therapies Bouyain
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