A major effort of the School of Biological Sciences is to provide postdoctoral research training. This activity involves original research under the guidance of graduate faculty members and is complemented by extensive interactions among the research groups in an intellectual, stimulating academic environment of interdisciplinary scope.

The postdoctoral experience at SBS is a unique opportunity to develop an advanced research program in preparation for an independent research career.

  • Vigorous research areas and a large number of mentors
  • Outstanding scientific environment in Kansas City centered around the UMKC campus
  • Financial assistance and health insurance benefits
  • Outstanding Visitors Seminar Program
  • State-of-the-Art research facilities
  • Interdisciplinary scope with a personal touch

An extensive series of seminars attracts prominent scientists, encourages participation of the postdoctoral trainees, and provides research perspectives covering contemporary cellular and molecular biology, including biophysics and neurobiology.

Numerous postdoctoral assistantships with fringe benefits including health and dental insurance are available. Postdoctoral research appointments in the School of Biological Sciences imply research faculty status, which allows freedom to seek independent research grant support from extramural funding agencies.