Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry Facility
Director, Andrew Keightley

   418 SCB


  • In-gel trypsin digestion, and FASP (filter aided sample preparation-samples in solution)
  • Protein identification by LC-tandem MS
  • Whole peptidome analysis using multi-dimensional liquid chromatography (mudpit)
  • Tandem Mass Tag-based quantitation/differential expression analysis
  • Database searches using Proteome Discoverer and Mascot


  • Q Exactive Plus High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (HRMS)
  • Thermo Finnigan LTQ linear ion trap
  • Eksigent binary nano-LC pump system (1D nanoLC)
  • Eksigent quaternary nano-LC pump system (2D nanoLC)
  • CTC PAL robot for fraction collection (1st dimension for mudpit), 96 well format
  • Dell Xeon 3.7 processor, 36Gb memory, 400Gb SSD boot, spinning 2 x 4Tb archives
Links to a Sample Submission Guide, the Sample Form and Fees: