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Phylogenesis of Histone H3
of Histone H3
Laboratory Research
Replacement H3 genes
Histone Acetylation

alfalfa, Chlamydomonas,
the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
Physarum, Ustilago maydis, & others...
Wedding of
Wieteke Waterborg &
Fernando Martinez

September 8, 2016


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My Dutch Home
  • Pictures of our grandchildren, Harmke and Julian
  • Diary letters from my father in Berlin (1943-1944)
        It brought my parents together (and thus me into this world)
  • Art by our artist Wieteke
  • Graphic Design by our journalist Linda
  • Garage Doors business by Harm IV
  • Dynamic Web Design, Jakob's Alternative Career
  • Music by Harm I and Wieteke
  • Files to get our Genealogy

  • Research Activities

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    Family Ventures

    Professional art by Wieteke Waterborg
    Self-Portrait ©2005  Tristesse

    Designer and Editor

    Linda Waterborg

    Harm Waterborg

      Service anyone?

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    Dutch Boy Motors and Garage Doors

    web: www.dutchboygaragedoors.com
    We do GARAGE DOORS, openers and all SERVICE jobs
    Contact us at: (913) 269-2050
    Email: dutchboymotorsandgaragedoors@yahoo.com
    Jakob's "Alternative Career"
    Dynamic Web Design

    Home: "Going Dutch"

    Our Yearly Pictures for Family and Friends.

    Xmas '16
    Christmas across the USA, Dec 25, 2016
    All the Waterborgs together

    Contact for Family and Friends at both sides of the pond.

    • Our first grandchild: Harmke Waterborg (April 21, 2006) - to browse and collect.
    • And our second grandson Julian Waterborg was born on October 30, 2008.
    • Vacation in 2006: pictures of family and friends - to browse and collect.
    • See our family develop in Yearly Pictures, all the way back to 1980!
      Genealogy of all known relatives
        (written in Dutch since (almost) all live(d) in Holland
    Dagboekbrieven, Harm Waterborg, Berlijn 1943-1944
    Mijn vader's dagboekbrieven uit Berlijn 1943-1944
    Foto's: 'Publikatie' feest in Venlo op 5 mei 2007.

    Some family music in mp3: just click and play !
      A piano medley by Harm Waterborg #1 in 1977
    • part 1 (9 min = 8.3 MB!)
    • part 2 (10 min = 9.7 MB!)
    • part 3 (1 min = 1.0 MB!)
    • part 4 (5 min = 4.8 MB!)
    • part 5 (5 min = 5.0 MB!)

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