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Job Posting ID 25585

Research Assistant Dr. Hillary McGraw’s Lab

Read about Dr. McGraw’s areas of research here: https://sbs.umkc.edu/directory/1223/

Research in the McGraw lab focuses on the molecular regulation of collective call migration during embryonic development, using zebrafish as a model organism. The lab is seeking a Research Assistant to oversee the fish facility of around 400 tanks and to participate in basic molecular and cellular biology research. The primary duties of this position are zebrafish care and husbandry, as well as equipment and water testing and maintenance. The incumbent will also oversee undergraduate student helpers.

Details about the position are in the posting. Use the link above.

Job Posting ID 25584

Research Assistant – Dr. Shizhen “Jeff” Wang

Ion channels, membrane transporters and receptors constitute more than 60% of current drug targets. Using cutting-edge single-molecule imaging and other multidisciplinary approaches, my laboratory aims to visualize structural and functional dynamics, as well as spatial and temporal distributions of these important proteins in their native environments. Our goal is to provide insights into their fundamental function and modulatory mechanism, and ultimately, to develop novel therapeutic approaches for the diseases associated with these proteins. My lab has state-of-art single molecule imaging facility and a multicultural environment to foster creativity, value of hard work, curiosity and passion.

More Details about the position are in the posting. Use the link above.

Job Posting ID 25583

Research AssistantDr. Stephane Dissel’s Lab

A research assistant position in Drosophila behavioral neurogenetics is available in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The research focuses on the study of sleep and its interaction with cognitive processes such as learning and memory. We employ an array of techniques including behavioral studies, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry and live-brain imaging.

More details about the position are in the posting. Use the link above.