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Tammy Welchert

Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Student Affairs & Academic Advising
Research Areas:

Effective learning skills are the key to success in higher education. As students make the transition from high school to the university, many do so without realistic expectations of how different high school is from college and what it will take to be successful. My job is to provide the support, programs, assistance, and referrals to the many campus and community resources we have available to assist students in their educational career. My goal is to provide the best possible information to students and guide them in making decisions that will allow them to continue on a path that extends far beyond graduation. The Bio 115 First Year Seminar course is designed to allow students to develop the skills that will allow them to experience the greatest possible opportunities for success at this institution. Time management, note taking, and reading skills are coupled with information and activities that introduce students to their classmates and to the many resources that are available to them on campus. In this small class students are able to relax and enjoy getting to know more about the university while making a plan to succeed through to graduation!

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