Huge Success! Pre-Optometry Eyeglass Drive at UMKC

Dr. Tammy Welchert has been the Faculty Advisor for the UMKC Pre-Optometry Society since 2014.  Last year the group held an eyeglass drive at SBS and collected 56 pairs of eyeglasses and 39 eyeglass cases.

This year, the group partnered with SBS, CAS, Conservatory, Bloch, University College, UMKC Libraries, and the Schools of Computing and Engineering, Education, Nursing and Pharmacy and collected 131 pairs of eyeglasses and 106 eyeglass cases.

This deserves to be celebrated!  All the eyeglasses in both years were and will be donated to the KC Free Eye Clinic that was founded by one of our SBS Alumni, Birju Solanki.

Here are some statistics (from the Kansas City Free Eye Clinic) regarding how we did in 2017:
Number of clinics: 18
Patients examined: 207 (Value = $31,650)
Eyeglasses prescribed: 172 (Value = $11,730)
Reading glasses: 29 (Value = $435)


Photo credit: Lydia Fultz