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The Little Things in Life: Dr. Leonard Dobens

Small creatures and small gestures mean big success for genetic researcher Leonard Dobens, Ph.D., is not afraid to admit he spends much of his time with flies. Instead, he sees the beauty and importance of studying these tiny organisms. Dobens ... Read more

Earning Her Stripes: Dr. Hillary McGraw

How zebra fish are helping this researcher understand human development in a brand-new way Inside the UMKC School of Biological Sciences, you’d expect to find classrooms, labs, offices and study spaces. What you might not expect to find is a ... Read more

Q & A with Dr. Ryan Mohan

Ryan Mohan, Ph.D., explores the role a protein complex plays in cell mutations. What is the focus of your research? Our team investigates how multiprotein complexes protect the brain. Learning more about the structure and function of these multiprotein complexes ... Read more

Small Connections, Big Implications: Dr. Xiaolan Yao

Exploring new ways to treat cancer and other diseases In most research, there’s no such thing as “minor details” or “the small stuff.” This is especially true for Xiaolan Yao, Ph.D. Her research team makes and uses three-dimensional models of ... Read more

Insects and Immunity: Dr. Sean Yu

Understanding insect immunology may lead to new ways to decrease the transmission of infectious diseases Meet the tobacco hornworm. It’s a bright green caterpillar striped diagonally with white lines bordered by black dots. It grows up to be a moth, ... Read more