SBS News

Insects and Immunity: Dr. Sean Yu

Understanding insect immunology may lead to new ways to decrease the transmission of infectious diseases Meet the tobacco hornworm. It’s a bright green caterpillar striped diagonally with white lines bordered by black dots. It grows up to be a moth, ... Read more

SBS faculty receive promotions and awards

  SBS faculty were among those recognized at a campus-wide awards dinner on September 13, 2018. Faculty Promotions:  Dr. Saul Honigberg, promotion to Full Professor Dr. Jeffrey Price, promotion to Full Professor Dr. Xiaolan Yao, Tenure with promotion to Associate ... Read more

Biology Bootcamp Recruits Fall in Line

Incoming freshmen receive a jump start with science orientation This summer as the hum of cicadas was at its height and most incoming college freshman were wrapping up summer jobs and packing their duffels, 111 UMKC students were already settled ... Read more

Nobel Prize-winning research: Dr. Jeffrey Price

Jeffrey Price, Ph.D., associate professor at the UMKC School of Biological Sciences, is an author of two of the seven key publications on circadian rhythms that led up to this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine. Research in this field contributes ... Read more